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Welcome to our Family:phone

St. Thomas Lutheran Church in Charlotte is a congregation of the North Carolina Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Our vision is to be a community empowered by God that worships God, learns the Word of God, serves others and loves all people.

Our mission is to offer freedom of worship within the liturgical tradition.

  • We offer other opportunities to study God's Word in creative ways.
  • We serve both our local neighborhood and the global community.
  • We offer ourselves to the service of God and to the needs of others by embracing diversity, by welcoming all, by creating opportunities to join together through worship, education, service, and fellowship.

We consider ourselves a friendly and loving congregation with a history of welcoming people of diverse backgrounds and nationalities. We especially want to be part of our neighboring community. St. Thomas works with other community churches to help better meet the needs of our neighborhood, including multi-denominational services at festive holidays. There are programs at our church for all age groups, each with many activities for participation. There is a group for YOU at St. Thomas!