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St Thomas Youth * Lutheran Evangelism (STY*LE)

The Youth Group at St. Thomas actively supports our community while making sure to have fun doing it! We focus on developing ourselves and our friendships with others, and we build these relationships through our work within the community. We maintain a healthy balance between work and play, with community service and fundraisers as foundations on which we grow closer together, both with other teens and with our advisors. As we become closer with one another, we have even more fun in our recreational activities because we are friends and not just acquaintances.

During the course of each year, we plan for a retreat to enable us to "get away" and experience a new setting together, and refocus ourselves as individuals and as a Youth Group centered on serving God.

We welcome others to come and participate in our Youth Events, even if you belong to another church. Our goal is not to exclude, but to include, and maybe we can even share our Faith with someone who is not familiar with Christ. Our doors are open and we'd love for you to come join us!

Lutherock - 2010

The Scholarship Winners Winners and Family

Quiet Time

Summer Camp at Lutherock - Week of July 25-July 31
Youth attending BY Sandimanie, Taylor Gravely, Paulus Bonar and Aaron Kotay